Phil Baird

M.F.A. M.A.F.

Music & Poetry


Sound waves. This sound waves at you. At you: sounds like you have a cold coming on.

Play with the player to hear some sounds.

























Cardoon writings


Soames and Irenie


There were scones in the house.


Italian Pannines at Senor Belesconi Café.


The Queen Café was round the corner.


The Lord demolished the Square Church and replaced it with the Original Victorian.


The Architect called a Hanson.


Fetlocked and slightly wonky wheels.



First T2W. Place.


Place and people travelling time.


Blake's place


A little Job in the City


Blake's copper graving keeping and using knives cut and line to define the picture line.


Round the bend at Portugal Place P Prints


My little Job in the City hot copper foil leaf design.


Blake's place across the road from the Grand Mason's Temple


At the time a public house


Royal society job lot by Friday


Wander round to Percy Street an acquaintance journalist house full of books.


Singing down the Strand all along the Strand a whisper away from the farm yard


The Strand Blake's and mine passing Pars drawing school 101 going East.



T2W 2


I write my degree dissertation; Topic: Time in Art


An impossible subject to embark upon.


A huge wooded mountain the word seemed as dense as granite.


Heralded by a two day Migraine accompanied by loss of sight and blurred vision.


The original may still exist in the  Learning resource centre * at Wimbledon Art School


Double-spaced faded mechanical and Typewriter written.


* Library


A video animation about music making:




Animation with music, made by Phil Baird and Carlo Keshishian

with artists from South East London Arts Network (SELAN) – Network Arts Lewisham.

























The final animation ‘Ethnomusicality’ was premiered at the BFI Southbank on the 10th of March 2014


On the process:

We entered the 'hands-on' base and quickly got the idea to set a rhythm going and made an amazing improvised piece of music. One participant discovered an amazing gift for solo didgeridoo.

We began working with small pieces of paper and ink pens to draw the rhythms of different instruments such as the Irish Bodhran or African Djembe drum. Everyone created a way of capturing the sound on paper.

Carlo took on a Dr/Shaman role giving individual music treatments, both literal and metaphorical; each person laying down a track towards a group soundscape recording.

Everyone enjoyed these workshops so much, and I managed to secure funding from Drake Music Connect & Collaborate to take the project further. The group recorded the sounds of instruments in the 'handling collection' to create a composition, and then created an animation to go with it.


Arts Network's Ethnomusicality Blog


Arts Network Meets Mr Horniman






















A Music, Animation and film project by Phil Baird, Carlo Keshishian and Arts Network Members, August 2013.


Instruments from the Horniman Museum Collection.

Recorded and mixed by Carlo Keshishian.













Click on image to see the Ethnomusicality video

Click on image to see the

Arts Network Meets Mr Horniman video