Phil Baird

M.F.A. M.A.F.

Here are some films I've involved myself in, or which have involved me:




















The Death of the Narrator. An Outside Perspective, by The ElfinFlynnBoy, Flynn Greenwood (Above)


Art Unpacked seminar at Whitby Museum hosted by Outside In and Chrysalis Arts. September 2019 (Below)






















Flynn Greenwood's entry into the 2019 Raw Vision short film competition. (Below)

A brief documentary about outsider artist Phil Baird, who lives in London.
























A film made by Anna Bowman about the artists (of whom I was one) who took part in the "Memories… There's Always Tomorrow exhibition" at St Pancras Hospital earlier in the Summer of 2018.

























Memories… There's Always Tomorrow. 2018



Connect & Collaborate


Connect & Collaborate London (C&CL) was a Drake Music initiative which aimed to locate and empower disabled artists/ musicians across London and facilitate them to work together on commissions, projects and events.


A video animation about music making:




Animation with music, made by Phil Baird and Carlo Keshishian

with artists from South East London Arts Network (SELAN) – Network Arts Lewisham.




















The final animation ‘Ethnomusicality’ was premiered at the BFI Southbank on the 10th of March 2014


My feedback on Ian Patterson, animator and musician:

It has been a pleasure and a steep learning curve working with Ian. Ian has a very focused responsive approach and a 'can do' attitude. We started the project on first meeting and he has met every question that has meant the development of the project from the start. Ian was the ideal animator for the project, he ensures that he is adaptable to balancing professionalism with the various levels of people’s engagement ability and health. He is quick and clear to respond to requests.


Ian has also skilfully set up improvisatory equipment and practicality. He has been clear throughout and gone the extra mile including giving up on his sleep while in Australia to Skype with us about the film and make arrangements upon his return. I  would recommend Ian for future projects of a similar nature I have also learned much about the animation technique including the theory of the process, and techniques, and this learning will help with developing a school of animation at Network Arts.


























On the process:

We entered the 'hands-on' base and quickly got the idea to set a rhythm going and made an amazing improvised piece of music. One participant discovered an amazing gift for solo didgeridoo.


We began working with small pieces of paper and ink pens to draw the rhythms of different instruments such as the Irish Bodhran or African Djembe drum. Everyone created a way of capturing the sound on paper.


Carlo took on a Dr/Shaman role giving individual music treatments, both literal and metaphorical; each person laying down a track towards a group soundscape recording.


Everyone enjoyed these workshops so much, and I managed to secure funding from Drake Music Connect & Collaborate to take the project further. The group recorded the sounds of instruments in the 'handling collection' to create a composition, and then created an animation to go with it.


School of Animation with The Horniman Museum


For four weeks, in Spring 2015, Arts Network partnered up with The Horniman Museum to work with ForMED Films CIC.























Arts Network members worked with ForMed Films to learn basic animation techniques utilising objects from the Horniman Museum's handling collection at the Hands-on base.


ForMED Films

Phil Baird and
Carlo Keshishian

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School of Animation video

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